Paramount Workplace

Streamline Your Procurement & Requisition Process

Let us reduce your processing costs by up to 85% with automation and workflows. We can ensure broad adoption within your organization with an intuitive, mobile-friendly experience. 


Intuitive UI for desktop and mobile app makes requesting easy with little to no onboarding, dramatically reducing maverick spend. Manage purchases and make sure your team gets the supplies needed to get the job done.


Simplify approvals while improving spend control. Highly configurable workflows make sure that all the necessary approvals are secured, but unnecessary steps are avoided. Rules can be easily set based on any available field (like account segment) or based on position.


Instantly route approved requisition requests for PO creation and automatically generate a detailed audit log. Automate your PO process and supplier relationship management, streamlining procurement enterprise-wide.


Requesters will be automatically notified when their requests are received. Save time, improve communication, and ensure accuracy with OCR invoice match. No need to rekey item information upon receipt. Simply confirm the quantities received to update the PO in your system.


Access a convenient dashboard of outstanding transactions and “to-dos.” Gain instant insight with a workflow dashboard, complete budget detail visibility, and a 360° view of all your KPIs and metrics. Check budget status before giving approval and receive alerts for over-budget requests.

Let’s Work Together

Our team of industry and application consultants offers our customers the functional expertise to implement a total solution that addresses the requirements of each customer on an individual basis.