Simplify & Automate Financial Processes

Let us help you create budgets, plans, and forecasts by easily pre-populating data using pre-built functionality. Through the Prophix Automation Center, finance departments can leverage the software to string together multiple processes. We create a design for you that makes sure critical steps are never missed.


With budgeting software from Prophix, you can take the pain out of your current budgeting processes. Modernize your planning needs by centralizing your data, streamlining your processes, reducing human error, and enabling automatic consolidation, empowering your Office of Finance to become agile. Explore the benefits of Prophix and how it transforms the budgeting process for businesses in any industry.


Today’s business challenges demand that reports need to be more intuitive than spreadsheets. Features like having the ability to instantly drill across into general ledger data help to provide context and meaning behind the figures. Using visual tools to tell a story about your data greatly enhances the usability of a powerful reporting tool. Prophix can integrate multiple data sources to truly make your information into a unified solution.

Let’s Work Together

Our team of industry and application consultants offers our customers the functional expertise to implement a total solution that addresses the requirements of each customer on an individual basis.