Microsoft Dynamics GP

Configuration and Development

Every business needs a business management solution that will adapt to its practices and streamline processes throughout the organization. And, when system customization and data integration is a must, you need the right tools that will ensure efficiency and limit your demands for highly qualified IT professionals. These tools provide you with complete customization and integration control, as well as access to a suite of powerful industry-standard tools and technologies that millions of developers are already familiar with. Customization capabilities enable system administrators and programmers to add new functionality and modify existing functionality quickly and with limited coding.

Integration manager — conversions

Convert your data to Microsoft Dynamics GP by using this integration tool during implementation  (Available for 240 days after purchase).

Integration manager — distribution

Import data from other systems on a one-time or continuous basis into Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, and Inventory modules.

Integration manager — financials and payroll

Import data from other systems on a one-time or continuous basis into Financial Management and Payroll modules


Personalize your system without a developer by easily creating additional windows.  Integrate new information into reporting options.

Security management

Manage user security by roles and tasks effectively with straightforward configuration windows and broad audit reporting processes.

Field level security

Control access to data throughout Microsoft Dynamics GP by managing security restrictions on individual data fields, windows, and forms.

Process server

Improve system performance by offloading and distributing processor-intensive tasks to idle, under-utilized, or dedicated process servers and freeing up personal computer resources. Automate load balancing to efficiently utilize system resources.


Modify the appearance and functionality of any Microsoft Dynamics GP or third-party window, add new fields, change global resources to affect the entire application, and attach code for less complex business logic.

Let’s Work Together

Our team of industry and application consultants offers our customers the functional expertise to implement a total solution that addresses the requirements of each customer on an individual basis.