Microsoft Dynamics GP High Technology

Microsoft Dynamics GP extends the reach of insight and productivity across your entire organization.
Microsoft Dynamics GP for High Technology

Microsoft Dynamics GP for High Technology

The speed and agility needed for success in high-tech and electronics businesses requires the ability to optimize supply chains, reduce time-to-market for innovative products, and differentiate products with added services. Microsoft Dynamics GP addresses these challenges with integrated capabilities for financial management, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting, human resource management, business analytics, and customer relationship management. By delivering deep access to decision-driving information, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you grow and better manage your business.


Business management

  • Achieve easy, enterprise-wide coordination and agility.
  • Improve operational efficiency and help reduce costs.
  • Automate and integrate time-consuming manual processes across your business.
  • Focus on efficient operations that boost profitability.
  • Gain flexibility to try new strategies.
  • Be poised to seize new opportunities.

Sales forecasting

  • Review prior years’ sales.
  • Revise projections quickly.
  • Create a Master Production Schedule (MPS) from forecasts.

Material Requirements Planning

  • Plan your material needs easily with a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) graphical user interface.
  • Review the source of the demand using MRP Quantity Pegging.

Sales configuration

  • Simplify the order process.
  • Improve your ability to deliver customized products.
  • Set up a single bill of materials (BOM) that includes all options.
  • Calculate the cost of finished goods.
  • Estimate manufacturing completion date.

Manufacturing order processing

  • Identify routings that meet the criteria you specify.
  • Track labor and machine capacity, worker skills, scheduled work hours and shifts, and fixed and variable overhead.
  • Spot trends that need to be addressed during production.

Bills of materials (BOMs)

  • Maintain an active BOM for each finished good.
  • Update entries, edit revision levels, save revision histories, and change BOM categories at any time.
  • Create phantom BOMs to track critical components of subassemblies.

Quality assurance

  • Track raw-material quality issues.
  • Define step-by-step procedures, acceptable-quality-level tables, and disposition codes.
  • Use flexible sampling procedures.

Job costing

  • Use extensive analysis tools to spot variances and unreasonable cost contributors.
  • Eliminate error-prone duplicate entries.

Materials management

  • Reduce costs by managing the entire chain of requisitions and approvals.
  • Provide comprehensive inventory tracking.
  • Ensure that inventory is on hand where needed.

Financial management

  • Improve efficiencies with automated transaction processing and payment adjustments.
  • Enhance financial controls with complete audit control.
  • Organize financial information with flexible accounting structures.
  • Create Excel-based budget templates.
  • Perform dimensional analysis of financial, sales, and purchase transactions.
  • Build refreshable reports for delivery to decision-makers.
  • Simplify payables/receivables management.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Ensure consistency of data across teams and departments.
  • Integrate customer information bi-directionally.

Familiar and easy to use — integration with Microsoft Office

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a design that works like and with the Microsoft Office System, including integrations with Office Outlook, Word, and Excel. Your employees can get started quickly while minimizing training costs.