Why Microsoft Dynamics GP?
Microsoft Dynamics GP extends the reach of insight and productivity across your entire organization.

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution

Industry Specific Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution

The only constant in the distribution industry is change, in the form of globalization trends, new cross-sell capabilities, and shifting third-party logistics. Companies must respond to industry pressures and complexities with a strong focus on the consumer.  Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to improve supply chain processes, manage inventory more effectively, and incorporate deeper business insight into distribution and supply chain processes for your customers. In these key areas, this solution can help you achieve success with traceability, transparency, and efficiency.

Supply chain management

  • Manage all parts of the process.
  • Trace raw materials through all stages.
  • Provide product availability and delivery time through a Web portal.

Inventory management

  • Maintain real-time data.
  • Reduce errors with bar codes and scanners.
  • Optimize layout, picking methods, and movement processes.
  • Ensure on-time order fulfillment.
  • Use critical forecasting to plan for future needs.

Business intelligence and analysis

  • Provide easy access to all critical information.
  • Take advantage of online analytical processing (OLAP) applications.

Business management

  • Achieve easy, enterprise-wide coordination and agility.
  • Improve operational efficiency and help reduce costs.
  • Automate and integrate time-consuming manual processes across your business.
  • Focus on efficient operations that boost profitability.
  • Gain flexibility to try new strategies.
  • Be poised to seize new opportunities.

Financial management

  • Improve efficiencies with automated transaction processing and payment adjustments.
  • Enhance financial controls with complete audit control.
  • Organize financial information with flexible accounting structures.
  • Create Excel-based budget templates.
  • Perform dimensional analysis of financial, sales, and purchase transactions.
  • Build refreshable reports for delivery to decision-makers.
  • Simplify payables/receivables management.